Saturday, January 14, 2012

Stamped and Scented

Hey guys!  Let's get this show on the road, shall we??

My husband made me an offer I couldn't refuse.  He said he'd buy me a new nail polish if I promised I would use it for my first post - what an attention hog!  Well, I can't turn down nail polish!!!  I decided to try a few things I haven't for this post.

First, I picked a fun nail polish by Revlon.  They have a line out that isn't quite new, but it's new to me; scented nail enamel.  I'm a lover of mango, so I chose #355 Mad About Mango. I partially expected a not-so-hot formula and application being that it is a scented polish.  I was pleasantly surprised with the formula.  However, I wish it would have come with a softer brush.  The brush included was relatively stiff and caused a bit of streaking, but nothing that a few coats couldn't mask.  I applied 2 layers of a base coat then 3 coats of the Mad about Mango.  I love the color!  It is so bright and fun - a nice bright, tropical orange cream enamel.  I wouldn't say it REALLY smelled like mango, but it had a sweet, fruity smell.  I had people smelling my nails all day at work! Haha.

I loved how it came out, but I wanted something a little more fun. My mom bought me the knock-off stamping kit called "Salon Express" at a local drug store that has an "As Seen on TV" area.  I'm pretty easy to please, but I think stamping is so fun.  Also, I have never stamped my nails before, so what you see here is my first try.  I needed a little (a lot) of guidance and figured the best way for me to start the stamping adventure would be to just try to mimic a photo I found online.  The problem is that while actually stamping, my computer shut down and I lost the page.  :(  I tried to find it, but couldn't find it anywhere!!  [ I apologize to whoever I totally copied off of! I'm more than happy to give credit where credit is due! ] I used my Sinful Colors standard white, Snow Me White for the stamp.

I'm surprised at how nice it turned out for my first try!  (I'm also dealing with just my iPhone camera right now until I find my digital camera or snag up a new one.  Bear with me!!)

I threw two top coats over the design and I can still smell the mango 2 days later!  I'm really pleased with how this manicure turned out!!  I'd love to hear what everyone thinks!  Thanks for reading!! :)

Until next time,



  1. HOW IN THE HELL DID YOU GET THE STAMPER THING TO WORK SO WELL? I am so jealous, I bought that dumb thing and thought it was a total waste of money.

    1. Try different polishes! There were a few colors that it didn't work with when I was trying it out.

  2. i LOVE these scented polishes. I always play with them when I got to CVS and my friends and I smell each other's hands! haha. I have yet to pick up a bottle though :(

    i have the SAME stamping kit! it is actually really good! i thought for so cheap it would be crappy but its really amazing. i LOVE how you did this stamping, so cute! :)

    1. Thanks!! I will say the mad about mango did leave my nails pretty stained. Bummer. :(